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Tips from One of the Leading Fire Protection Companies in California

Whether you are planning an elaborate holiday feast or a simply weekday family meal, it’s smart to be safe in the kitchen. Hundreds of thousands of home fires begin every year in the kitchen. From frayed electric cords to the misuse of a microwave, kitchens need safety rules to protect your home from catching fire. Your kitchen is more susceptible to home fires than any other room in your home. The following, from one of the leading fire protection companies in California, are some easy ways to be proactive about preventing a fire from starting in your kitchen:

 · Be sure not to leave cooking food unattended. If you leave the kitchen it’s best to turn off any cooking appliances and take the food off of the heat source. You will be protected just in case you forget about it when you leave the kitchen.

· Take care with your clothing and hair when you are cooking. You want to always be sure your hair or clothes are far enough away from the heat source. It’s also smart to keep all combustibles away from heat as items made of paper, electric cords, and food packages may catch fire if exposed to high heat.

· Keeping all areas of your kitchen clean is for more than just to be sanitary. Leftovers or grease on counters may be sources for igniting a fire. You shouldn’t  focus soley on the stovetop and oven though. Be sure to empty the crumb tray on a toaster and to wipe down the microwave as well.

· Prevent unsupervised children from being in the kitchen while cooking, and keep pets from sitting or walking along counters or cooking surfaces that may be potentially hot.

· Always keep a fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen. Keep it in the proper working order with service from one of the residential fire protection companies in California

·  It’s also good to have a smoke alarm near the kitchen but not inside of it. You don’t want it to be set up every time a piece of toast is burnt.  

           Davis Fire Protection is one of the fire protection companies in California that you can count on for 24/7 emergency calls.