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When Integrity & Quality Overlap!

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As one of the leading fire protection companies in California, Davis Fire Protection offers fire protection services throughout the state for both commercial and residential clients. Rely on our experienced crew for fire system inspections, fire protection system testing, and fire sprinkler repair in California. We are also well-known for our comprehensive engineering of full-scale fire sprinkler installations for all fire protection systems. You can count on us to perform work on specialty fire control systems that are unique to certain industries.

 As active members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Contractors State License Board (CSLB), we maintain sprinklers for countless clients and ensure the health of their sprinkler systems so that they keep up the 5-year fire sprinkler certification in California that we administer.

24/7 Emergency Fire Protection Services  

We are available 24/7 for emergency fire protection and sprinkler services. Our quality workmanship, expertise, honesty, and reliable services set us apart from all the rest. We bring a high level of experience and knowledge to every job we undertake, and our staff has specialized training to deal with any issue you have. We always work with you so that you can make informed decisions about the services you need. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, safety, and security.

 If you have any questions about our services, feel free to reach out to us today with any of your fire protection system questions.

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Main Office (800) 685-5730 Los Angeles County (310) 684-2550
Orange County (714) 443-0055 Riverside County (909) 333-7111
San Diego County (760) 400-6130 San Bernardino County (951) 525-4049

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Fire Sprinkler Certification in California from Davis Fire Protection

California is one of the few states in which fire sprinkler systems are mandatory for new home construction for single-family residences, townhomes, and duplexes built on or after January 1, 2001. A recent study by the National Fire Protection Association showed that death rates were 83% lower in homes with fire sprinkler systems. As California is known for its susceptibility to wildfires, it is believed that building sprinklers are an essential safety measure to protect homes, possessions, and people. The results have shown that in California, new homes with a fire sprinkler feature provide home builders with a competitive advantage over resale properties that do not include sprinklers. Choose the effective and efficient services of Davis Fire Protection when you need a fire sprinkler certification in California.

Even if your home is not new, you can have a sprinkler system installed. Perhaps the largest myth about sprinkler systems is that they are activated when a smoke alarm goes off. In fact, a smoke detector is not part of the sprinkler system in any way. The smoke detector emits an alarm when it is activated, but it is not linked to any aspect of the sprinklers. Also, each of the sprinkler heads operates independently even though they are all tied to the same plumbing system. Each head is set to be individually activated.  Smoke does not activate a sprinkler, and neither will a small fire like a match or candle.  Fire sprinklers activate when there is a large amount of heat, usually around 155 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Contrary to popular belief, your residential fire sprinkler system will not require frequent and expensive maintenance, especially if you have the system inspected and checked with a fire sprinkler certification in California. Designed to be easy to maintain, fire sprinklers do require the expertise of a specialist. 
Fire sprinkler plumbing for the sprinklers is similar to the plumbing for the rest of a house.  If you are experiencing leaks in your fire sprinkler system, call Davis Fire Protection for your repair and certification. Generally, fire sprinklers leak after 20 years from insulation and need to be tested or replaced. This is Davis Fire Protection's specialty, as we provide competitive rates for total head change outs.

Contact Davis Fire Protection for your fire sprinkler certification in California. Our company goal is to ensure there is safety from fire in your home.