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Checking Fire Lines for Underground Water Leaks

Detecting an Underground Water Leak

in California

In the unfortunate case of a fire, you must be sure you can protect your facility. Part of the routine maintenance of professional fire inspections is to check for corrosion and leaks. Often found in steel pipes, corrosion can lead to pinhole leaks, gunk build-up, and slow water movement. Leaks can also result from freezing temperatures or sprinkler damage, and they can destroy the property that they are designed to protect. As a professional fire protection company, Davis Fire Protection offers  leak detection and repair services and is geared to find any underground water leak in California.

Most safety codes require that commercial and government buildings have some form of fire protection system in place. In case of fire, the fire lines and fire mains in most facilities are set to go off. These building structures have lines that tap off the distribution mains and connect to a sprinkler system or hydrant. As they are essential to keeping the building and its inhabitants safe, you need to hire a professional to ensure you don’t have an underground water leak in California.

 It pays to be certain that your fire lines are not leaking. Work with the leak detection specialists at Davis Fire Protection to feel confident about the function of your sprinkler system. Our technicians have extensive experience handling water distribution systems and use non-invasive technology to accurately locate the leak. Some of the main causes of fire line leak include the following:

Failure of Equipment
Proper installation causes the system to malfunction and leaks to occur. That is one of the leading causes of an underground water leak in California.

When the temperature becomes too low, the pipes may be damaged by freezing. If there is a significant drop in the temperature, that’s a good time to have your fire lines checked.

Metal pipes wear down over time and from constant use, which causes corrosion and subsequent breakage.

Damaged Sprinkler Heads or Pipes
When sprinkler heads or pipes break, the system stops functioning. With regular maintenance, you can ensure they work properly so that you’re prepared in case of an emergency.