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Fire Protection System Installations
Huntington Beach, CA

We can do full installations of fire protection systems including fire sprinklers as well as fire water standpipes, hydrants, and water pressure pumps. We provide design and engineering services for all fire protecion systems and work within NFPA 13 and NFPA 13D. Whether it's a remodel of an office building or new building or a new home, Davis Fire can install a fire protection systems up to code for you. We also provide high pile and in rack fire sprinkler systems. 

High Pile

Commercial Property Fire System Installation

Our commercial installation crew is highly experienced in the installation of fire protection systems on new commercial property. Whether it's underground or overhead, Davis Fire will get the job done with excellent workmanship, great communication, and with integrity.

Residential Home Fire Protection Installation

We have experience with installing fire protection systems in single family homes, condos, and apartment complexes. If you have any questions about our residential  fire system installation team, please call any time.

Interior Installations

Fire Protection System Engineering and Design

Here at Davis Fire Protection we have a fire protection system engineering team that can design all fire protection systems. We also provide hydraulic calculations for new installations and existing systems. Our in-house staff make it more affordable for design.

Calculated Hydronics